Keep Everything You Love Safe

Get Your Stuff Together
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In Keep Everything You Love Safe, you'll find quick and easy steps you can take right now, to keep everything that’s important to you and your family, safe, sound and accessible. 

Each section covers a different area, from family photos, vital documents and music, to videos, computer files, family history and recipes.

Completely modular, each section in the program covers one complete task. And since most of them take five minutes or less to complete, you can tackle the task you need the most and leave the next one, for another day. Or you can go through the entire book task by task and button up your entire life.

Inside the book, you'll also find downloadable Grab It & Go Forms and Action Plans, that you can complete and print or save to your computer, so you'll be ready to deal with emergencies small (a broken arm) or large (Hurricanes and Wildfires).

With Keep Everything You Love Safe's Five Minute Shortcut Sheets, you'll learn quick and easy ways to copy, backup & preserve your…

Digital Photos

• Print Photos

• Home Movies And Videos

• Family History & Recipes

• CDs, Cassettes and Albums

• Data

• Insurance Information

• Keepsakes

• Contacts and Address Books

• Voice Mail & Recordings

• Your Facebook and Linked In Profiles and Friends lists


• How To Make Your Family Find-able

• How To Keep Your Vital Information At Your Fingertips

• How To Set Up An ICE Contact On Your Smartphones

• How To Create Your Family’s Emergency Wallet Cards

• How To Get Your Financial Life In Order

• How To Make Your Money Accessible

• Create A Home Inventory

• Document Your Financial & Insurance Information

• Create Your Family’s Get Back To Life Plan

• Create Your Family Evacuation Plan, Checklist & Choose The Right Evacuation Locations

• Document Your Social Media Passwords and Information

• Business Information & Office Inventory

• Family Medical History Sheets

Are you ready to armor-plate your family? Just grab a copy of Keep Everything You Love Safe and let's get started

NOTE: This book comes with additional downloadable files. You can either download them here along with the book when you purchase it, or use the link inside the book (it's in the "Before You Begin" section) to download the bonuses to your PC or Mac.

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Keep Everything You Love Safe

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