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#Alone Together

Be With The People You Love, Even If You Can’t Set Foot In The Hospital

Even if they’re on a ventilator.

Even if they’re unconscious.

In just weeks, the Coronavirus changed the rules at every hospital in the world.

No visitors. No family. No argument.

Now what?

What can YOU do to keep someone you love as safe and connected as possible if they end up in the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A lot more than you think.

The minute we heard all of the stories of about COVID-19 patients dying alone because of the pandemic visitor restrictions, we knew we had to do something to help.

Unfortunately, my mother and I know exactly what it feels like to lose someone in the hospital without being allowed to say goodbye.

It happened to my grandma Elaine.

My mom Jan and I are one of the only mother and daughter writing and author teams in the entertainment industry. We were living in Los Angeles when we got a call that my grandma, Elaine Sullivan, had fallen at home in her bathtub and had been admitted. What they didn’t tell us is that she’d already been in the hospital for six days. The hospital not only failed to call us, but they refused to put a phone to her ear, so that we could talk to her while trying to get a flight out to Chicago to be with her.

Grandma passed away alone, from a drug interaction, that we could have easily prevented, had they only given us a call when she was admitted.

We knew that we had to find a way to keep other families from going through the same thing we had.

After uncovering a loophole in next of kin notification laws, we wrote and enacted three Next of Kin Laws in two states (California & Illinois), created a Next of Kin training program for hospitals and have become the foremost ICE Contact educators in the U.S.

Between our books “Get Your Stuff Together,” “Ready,” “Connected” & our websites, over 1.3 million people have used our shortcut sheets, action plans and materials to keep themselves and their families safe and sound.

So when we heard that the same thing has been happening to so many families around the world, we gathered all of the tools we’ve created and put them into a brand new book called 

Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition.

With the tools and tips in this book, you‘ll learn how to stay in constant communication with your hospitalized loved one and their medical staff without setting foot in the hospital.

And it’s not just for coronavirus patients.

Our tools work just as well for people that find themselves hospitalized and alone for other reasons, like surgery, chronic conditions and even expectant mothers facing hours of labor without their partners standing protectively at their side.

It’s Quick. It’s Easy. It’s Available For Instant Download.

Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition

It gives #AloneTogether a whole new meaning.

With Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition, you’ll not only receive all of the Grab It And Go Forms and tools you need right in the book.

You’ll also receive free downloadable versions of those forms and tools that you can complete, save and send to your loved one’s hospital, right from your computer, including:

Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Downloadable PDF Edition (92 pgs)

• Adult Medical History Forms

• Children’s Medical History Forms

• Information Central Sheets

• 2 Minute ICE Contact Instructions for iPhone, Galaxy & Non-Smartphones

• Full ICE Contact Instructions for iPhone, Galaxy & Non-Smartphones

• Emergency Wallet Cards

• Smart Contacts

Online Downloadable PDF Edition

• Online & Social Media Account Lists/Passwords

• Business Websites/Online Account Lists/Passwords

You’ll receive a copy of our book Online along with Get Your Stuff Together COVID-19 Edition

It’s Quick. It’s Easy. It’s Available For Instant Download.

Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Edition

NOTE: This book comes with additional downloadable files. You can either download them here along with the book when you purchase it, or use the link inside the book (it's in the "Before You Begin" section) to download the bonuses to your PC or Mac.

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Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Download Edition

Information Central
My Business Life Editalbe Forms
Emergency Wallet Cards
My Social Life & Will
How To Create ICE Contacts (All Major Phones)
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Get Your Stuff Together: COVID-19 Download Edition

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