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The ICE My Phone Kit PDF Edition

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Learn How To Put An ICE Contact On Every Type of Phone, In Five Minutes 

Did you know your smartphone can save your life? It can also save your spouse's life, your kid's lives and the lives of everyone you love!

The secret is letting your phone do the talking for you in an emergency. How? With ICE, your in case of emergency contact. And it's even better when you add an emergency wallet card, medical information forms and a plan for tracking down & gathering every member of even the busiest of families, in five minutes flat.

All of which you'll find in one book – The ICE My Phone Kit.

Check out the video in the header above -- just click to the right..

Learn How To:

  • ICE every major type of phone including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Windows Phone, Apple WatchiPads & iPods and Regular Cell Phones in minutes
  • Create ICE Contacts that work even if you password protect your phone
  • Fill out your kid's emergency contact cards the right way
  • Make your family find-able in any situation
  • Know what you should always put in your family's ICE Contacts 
  • Know what you should never put in your family's ICE Contacts
  • Comes with downloadable ICE Graphics you can place on your phone to make your ICE Contact stand out
  • And you'll also receive downloadable medical information forms, family gathering/evacuation plan and emergency wallet cards you can use for each member of the family.

NOTE: To receive the downloadable forms/sheets, you can either download the zip file here along with the book when you purchase it, or use the link inside the book (it's in the "Before You Begin" section) to download the bonuses to your PC or Mac.

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The ICE My Phone Kit

ICE My Phone Kit Book
ICE Graphics for your phone
Medical History Forms
Editable Emergency Wallet Cards
Family Evacuation Plan
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The ICE My Phone Kit PDF Edition

0 ratings
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